Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yesterday was long...and has gotten even longer.  Mom and I made the long trip to Houston for my check-up with Dr. Kim. I was able to visit with Laine for a few minutes (see photos) and compare recoveries. She had a great first week and is now having alot of pain and blood sugar problems. My overall pain has decreased from week one..and I am counting on that being a continuing trend. Dr. Kim said I'm doing as well as he could expect and that I should continue to improve. He said weeks 2-4 can be the worst in some ways and to watch for headaches, because if they increase it could be infection or swelling, needing antibiotics and/or steroids. I got my 18 stitches out (Laine only had fair) and Dr. Kim was his same warm self, with his sweet kiss on the cheek. ( I wonder if he does this to the male patients?) He said wait  4 more weeks before  attempting to go at my normal "speed". So,I'm going to take it super slow..or as much as I can. Nights like last night will slow me down.
Randomly, at  about 8 pm, my head started hurting. I tried to read a chapter in a new book..(didn't really work..I read 5-10 minutes then took a break a couple of times) finally by 8 pm my head was hurting so bad I was forced to stop, took ibuprofen and a pain pill and I think I fell asleep. I woke up again at 9:58 pm...raging head pain..and I've basically been up since. I've dosed a few times..and I'm popping pain pills like a junkie. I 'm really hoping this is related to riding all day yesterday. I'll give it a day to get under control.  If it worsens then I'll call Dr. Kim.

For now, I'm going to try to go back to sleep for awhile..which seems harder because I know I should be awake doing something..anything besides sleeping. I feel like I just worked a night body says to mind won't turn off..and my head just plan hurts.

Have a great day. I'll check in later. Thanks for your continued support.

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