Monday, February 4, 2013

Written Jan 27, 2013 7:17pm           
Thank you everyone that has signed my Guestbook. I just took a few minutes and re-read through them again. Some of you I've never met..yet you are continuing to support me with prayer and concern. I can't tell you how touched I am for such thoughtful, wonderful people in my life. Just your few words of someone you never met..really lifts my spirits. I had a visit from a friend this afternoon..I'm certain it was uneventful for her..but it was good for me to feel kind of normal. Bob and I took a short walk..about 8 minutes or so, just down our street. I almost watched a whole movie with my mom..and somehow, the minutes turned to hours..and the day passed by. So now, the end of my 4th day post Chiari-decompression is drawing near..and I can not believe I'm already on the other side of this surgery. It was lurking just around the corner for so long..and now it's passed and I'm actually healing. No more waiting or looking for treatment.. Now, I just heal. That's my job. Rest and heal..and soak in all of the love that so many have been pouring out to me, well wishes and prayers on my behalf...from people that don't know me, whom I may never meet. So I guess, I am closing the day on a positive, warm, loving note. Does my head hurt? Yes.. Am I exhausted? Yes..Does it matter? No..not really. Because I know what ever tomorrow brings..I will be supported and loved..and that makes all the difference Thank you all so very much.

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