Monday, February 4, 2013

Written Jan 28, 2013 9:34am            
One of our dear friends, Jason, had a visit to the ER last night..and may possibly have an aneurysm. Please include Jason and his sweet wife, Tami (yes--the same Tami that took me to Houston last week) in your prayers. This has been a busy time of prayer. Let's re-cap...first, Bob's mother passed away, her funeral was the same day as my surgery. Bob's brother in law had open heart surgery on Friday, he's still in ICU ( please pray fro Jim, Deborah and Laura), Bob's family is still grieving over his mother's loss (Please pray for Steve & Suzanne, Nancy & Steve-this Steve sprained his ankle during the trip to FL for the funeral), Now, Jason is at home, after a trip to the ER and a lumbar puncture last night..he's waiting on another test to determine if he needs surgery for the possible aneurysm...AND...tomorrow, Bob's step-mother (Kitty) has surgery for hernia and gallstones.. Not to mom had oral surgery (and didn't tell me) a week before coming out here for my surgery. We keep wondering why we are so exhausted.. this is enough stress to wipe anyone out. I really love that we are all supporting each other so much, regardless of our individual circumstances... So please, if you think to pray for me today--lift up all of the others as well. Believe me..your prayers are needed and we can feel them. I am getting better every day and appreciate you all so much. Have a great Monday

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