Sunday, February 10, 2013

My visit to see Dr. Horner went well. He was impressed with my healing so well for being only 2 weeks post-op. After careful examination, he is confident that I have an enlarged lymph node (lymphadenitis) due to some stray bacteria from my incision. He put me on some strong antibiotics (due to being hospitalized...there is a risk of it being MRSA or some other hospital borne bug) and said if it's a lymph node it will be gone in 7-10 days. I was instructed to go back if it had not resolved by then. Also, Dr. H is sending me to a speech pathologist to try to resolve some speech issues..and he told me to steer clear of my iphone and computer until I've healed more. Light combined with brain inflammation does not promote healing. He said the best place for me is in a dark room...but I'm weepy enough as it is..I can't handle that. Therefore, I'll be online only incrementally and forgive me if I don't reply to texts, phone calls quickly..I'm trying to keep the visual stimuli to a minimum. I'm tired. I got my sleep all mixed up the last two days and am trying to stay awake all day so I can sleep tonight.  Otherwise, it has been a good, relatively pain-free day.
If I could ask a favor, please pray for my friend Rosalyn's mother-in- law, she just had surgery a few days ago..and now they are going back in as the first surgery didn't do the trick.
Thanks again for your continued support.

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