Monday, February 4, 2013

Written Feb 1, 2013 7:40am by Michele Robinson (Duffey)
Okay..I had a pity party last night. My bandage was half off, so Bob removed it..and even though I knew what the incision would kind of look like, I had a complete breakdown when I saw it. I mean..I sobbed like a baby. I had to apologize to Mom and Bob later for being so silly and vain. (and I recalled the quote from a Chiari blog: "You know you have Chiari when your biggest concern about BRAIN surgery is how you will fix your hair afterward.") I could have an incision in the front, or my enitre head could be shaved..or worse..I could have an illness with no available treatment. Again, I had to reel myself in and look for the positives.
As far as recovery, pain was better-or maybe just different yesterday. Dr. Kim called late yesterday afternoon and said to "hang in should get better from here". So..I'm hanging in ..and counting my blessings. Today Mom and I are going to venture out of the house again and I'm looking forward to it.
..It looks horrible, but with my hair's like it never happened...well..almost.

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