Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So the countdown begins..the final packing for the hospital, sending the dogs away to Aunt Linda's..making sure I haven't forgotten anything. Yesterday was good. Tami drove to Houston, so we talked the whole way, got lost, then got home without a hitch..and made very good time. The pre-op appt. went well, labs were drawn and instructions given. It's funny to be on the opposite side of the pre-op process..NPO times, etc. It's really odd being in a hospital setting as a patient rather than a nurse.
I've gotten so many kind emails, texts, guestbook postings, FB posts, etc. I am just amazed that so many people are praying not only for me, but for my surgeon and his staff.  I've been very anxious, however, now a nice calm seems to be flowing over me. I know it's prayer, I know it's God wrapping me in His love and me giving up myself and leaning on Him. 
I will likely post an update on surgery time when I get it..then the next posts will come from Bob or Kelly as updates.
Thank you all so much for your love, support, and most of all, your prayers.
And Megan...I remember: "Shower & Eat, Shower & Eat, Shower & Eat..and get off the morphine"...LOL!! 

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