Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 7, 2013

Yesterday's headache continues with a vengence. I'm so glad to be off today to rest my eyes, ears and body. However, I have so much to do, I just lay here and think of all the things not getting done. 23 days until surgery..I work 9 of those I have 14 days to get everything done that needs to be done. My precious mom is coming out the week after surgery to help at home. It's upsetting that surgery is so far away from my loved ones. I'm concerned about Bob being alone at the hospital with me. Of course, he says he will be fine. That's a man for you...He is so kind and loving, ever confident and positive. I'm so grateful for him, and at the same time so sad that this is hitting us right now. We are getting married on April 13, 2013..that will be 10 weeks post op. So you see, that 14 day timeframe doesn't allow for headaches like the one I have today. I have plans to make, things to do, people to see.
For now, I'm going to turn the lights back off, rest my eyes, clear my head and ease this headache. Thank you for checking in on me. Have a blessed day!

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