Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 Jan 10, 2013 
Finally the nausea is easing...after my fiasco at work yesterday, I decided to stay home and drink ginger ale today. I am repeatedly thankful for my co-workers and manager. I have to admit I am tired of being the "sick" person. However, they have all been great and very understanding.
Finally my insurance company and the hospital communicated properly yesterday. So, my hospital stay is now covered at 80% (as opposed to the incorrectly quoted 50%). Dr. Kim is still only covered at 50%...and I am thankful that his staff is very easy to work with about expenses.
We have been very concerned about Bob's mom for the past few weeks. Her health is declining rapidly. I would appreciate your prayers for Bob and his sisters as we now think she may only be with us for a few more days..or maybe even hours. Hospice is being called in today.
Thank you again for the continuous prayers and well wishes. I appreciate everyone's concern.

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