Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I was called off work today. I will miss the pay, but welcome the extra time at home. My ears are ringing still, so loudly I can barely's so weird how the random symptoms come and go. Yesterday was really good. My ears were ringing, but I was not extremely dizzy and had a minimal headache..I was able to get several wedding tasks accomplished and felt great about my progress. Then, during all hit me at once, headache increased, nausea, dizziness..I was instantly emotional, panicky..crying. There was no reason, we were just eating dinner and talking.  I had the feeling I can only explain as an odd, bad feeling. I get it frequently..and all I can say about it is when I get it I feel so bad all over. I've seen "odd feeling" on symptom lists and wonder if this is the same as what I experience.  

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