Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 26, 2013

I'm having a pity party...AGAIN!  This morning while doing dishes, my 3 fingers on my left hand went numb, followed by my palms and the lateral aspect of my hand and wrist..and the left side of my face. I knew the sensation in my face was off the past few days..but now it's obviously numb everytime I blink or move my mouth.  I dropped a pan and broke one of my favorite antique decanters. (I dropped the pan on the counter, pan hit the decanter..decanter hit the floor.:)   Breaking things always makes me's sort of a PTSD leftover..however, I've been unsuccessful in stopping this ridiculous crying.  I've put in a call to my NS and already have an appt with Dr. H today.   I know I'm overreacting.  I am sure this is another come and go thing..I'd just really like it to go..all of the Chiari symptoms need to just GO!!!  
I'm frustrated and I just want a small slice of normality with a side of  ordinary.  Nine weeks post op tomorrow...and time to be finished with this.  Of course, this had to happen on the day I see Dr. H. Which is good because I already had and appt set..not so good bc he is evaluating me for return to work today.   I will let you know what happens.

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