Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 19, 2013

I couldn't sleep Sunday night, I was up at 2:30 a.m., prayed for an hour or so...tried to go back to sleep...prayed some more..finally got up at around 3:50 and read until 5:45.  Never could get back to sleep. PT was at 11 a.m., got through that then came back home and napped for an hour or so. Needless to say, my sleep pattern was a bit askew.  So last night, I took a Vistaril before bed and even slept through the alarm this morning--which I don't think has happened to me in about 20 years.  So now, I've got lots of energy, which is good, because there are many things to do around here....Little wedding details that only I can take care of, household chores, errands, etc. I'm working on a final head count for the caterer..and let me just say..I will never forget to RSVP to an event again (I'm not sure that I ever have forgotten...but after this wedding..I ABSOLUTELY will not ever forget), working on a song list for the DJ, working on ceremony details, and worst of all--still working on the layout for the backyard. Most of it I can do right here with a pen and paper, or my laptop...there is just sooo much of it.  Today I am headache free, and praying I stay that way. 
For those of you wondering, Melissa's surgery went well. I exchanged texts with her husband last night and she was in recovery doing great. Thanks for your prayers for her.
Also, we found out last night that our sweet Alan (family on Bob's side) will have open heart surgery on March 29 (in Florida). Our thoughts and prayers are with he and Kitty as he faces this surgery.  In Alan's words, "Nobody is to worry, panic or otherwise get discombobulated"--so we won't do that..we will pray and trust in God. Alan has a great spunky spirit that I love.
This has turned in to a long post...(I am just one of those people that has a lot to say) I will close. 

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