Wednesday, March 27, 2013

 March 12, 2013

Good Morning!  We had a good weekend. Bob has lots to do in the yard and around the house before the wedding. I did a lot of supervising. I'm not a huge help these days, but I am a good cheerleader. Somehow, I'm staying exhausted, I must be doing more each day, because my body aches so that I can barely move it each night. However, I feel pretty unproductive.  Yesterday, Stefanie picked me up and we had lunch at this cool little place in the worst part of town, World Cup Cafe. It's proceeds support Mission Waco. It was nice to be out and kinda normal again. After that I had PT, which means painful touching and laser exercises and I was wiped out by the time I got home. I got the okay from Neil to use the laser at home. So, I'll take today off and laser tomorrow. He said I've got a seven degree improvement in the rotation of my neck, about a ten degree improvement in bending my head forward..and in bending my head up, like to look up..he said, "Well, you still suck at that".  Gotta love an honest answer!  No more PT until next week. Just laser at home once every other day. I'll post a picture of my laser board. I probably will NOT post a picture of myself  with my very attractive laser headband on.

Have a great day..I'll check back in later this week!  

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