Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 25, 2013

Just got back from PT. Neil says that if I get the okay from Dr. H that we can start strengthening next week. :-)  I'm so excited.  I feel like I'm actually making progress.  Today Neil did all muscle work and says that I look "so much better".   I can tell my energy level has improved. I stayed outside with Bob all day yesterday, I even trimmed a few shrubs..look at me go!!!   We were very thankful yesterday to have a helper show up. Our friend, Wayne insisted on coming to help. He brought along his six year old son. I was so glad for Bob to have help with mulching and all of the heavy work (Thanks Wayne, we so greatly appreciate your help).  I sat on the ground and trimmed a few shrubs. Later in the day,  I had the following conversation with Wayne's son:

"Hey Michele, you wanna look at the hole I dug, It's really deep."
"Sure I do, can I look in a few minutes when I'm finished? I don't want to get up and down too much"
"Why not? It's just right here."
"Well, I had surgery on my head and getting up and down can make my head hurt, I don't want it to hurt so I try to not get up and down too much. I'm almost finished...give me just a minute."
Orin comes over and looks at my face and head from the front, "Your head looks okay".  I laugh, "that's because the surgery was on the back, Do you want to see the scar?"
Orin looks hesitant but says, "Um, okay".
I act like it's no big deal, turn around and raise my ponytail..Look back at him and say, "See--isn't that cool?!!"
He looks at me like I'm an alien and says, "Not really"..
He turns to go back to his digging and under his breath says, "It looks kinda creepy".   
Of course, I laugh and finish my work..then go over and check out his digging skills. 
A few minutes later he and I decide we will be better help if we go lay on the chaise lounge for a few minutes and rest.
As we both settle in, I close my eyes and he says, "Hey, you know what?  Your head really does creep me out". 

I laughed and laughed.   Everyone says, "Oh your incision looks SO good." 
Leave it to Orin to be honest..lets face IS creepy, it's like a zipper in the back of my head. It will never be attractive. No one will ever look at the back of my head and say, "My, what a beautiful head!"  I will never be a head model...and the Sinead O'Connor look (should it ever come back in style) will never be a good look for me..LOL! I'm okay with this...and delighted that Orin had the moxie to say it out loud.  Thanks Orin!

Just thought I'd share that with you.  It's time to rest for a bit today, between yesterday outside and PT this morning, my body is asking for a break. So, have a happy Monday and remember today's life lesson: Don't ask a six year old what they think unless you REALLY want the TRUTH!

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