Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Still Recovering

Bob and I are getting married..in 11 days.
We are having a beautiful, but small ceremony in our backyard with family and close friends.
Then we are going to Paris for a week...then..hopefully, I will be able to go back to work and have a more normal life.

While trying to define the feelings I've had during the past few weeks..it's really difficult to find a label.  I've been lonely during the day..felt insignificant, felt sorry for myself, felt joyful. I've had many moments of ..."WoW...so THAT's what it's like to feel normal".  I've never asked God, "why me?'..because honestly..I don't care why. This is my path..it's crooked and broken..and let's face it, it could use a little highway maintenance..but it's my path and I'm traveling it as best I can.

I've decided to stop wanting to be a writer.
I'm just going to write.
I'll write, and write and write...and maybe, one day..someone will read it and it will move them. 
Maybe one day..even just one word..will move the heart of another in some positive way.
But for now..it'll just write.
I've have two more blogs.
One is about my life, www.makingittohappilyeverafter2.blogspot.com -I warn you this one can be graphic-it was started as a therapy tool when going through my divorce,  and the other is about my new infatuation with flying, www.andsosheflies.blogspot.com

I feel like I have another blog in me..I need to voice my feelings on my Christian walk, the journey, the friends and teachers I've met along the way, the pain that resulted from the relationships and the total agony of trying to make sense of it all.  I'm pondering this.. I'll let you know when I decide to start it.    My identity..which I've hidden until now on this blog is Michele Robinson. You can find me on Facebook..and remember, my name will change in 11 short days to Michele Robinson  Collum.

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