Friday, April 5, 2013

Did I Mention My Head Hurts?

My head hurts. 
I got all enthusiastic about cleaning house..(did I mention I'm getting married...HERE?...AT MY HOUSE? 8 days?
I just wanted to scrub the baseboards and the floors.
Hardwood floors + Chiari=NO  BUENO!

SO now..I have a raging Chiari headache.
I'm 10 weeks post op... can I catch a break?
I shouldn't say that..I have "caught a break".
I got diagnosed.
I finally found a neurosurgeon.
I had surgery.
I survived.
No complications.
I have no reason to complain.

However..I am human...and a female.
Therefore, I must complain.
It's just my nature. 

I'm amazed at the difference in recovery times and methods from person to person.
Dave from the blog Dave's Big already working again..his surgery was AFTER mine.
However..he was in the hospital for a week or more (right Dave?) and I was in for 2 days. 
Maybe if I was hospitalized longer....hmmmm...
I try to find a common thread in this crazy Chiari world, but there is none.
Chiari is its own entity doing with us what it it's will.
We try to have some feeling of control, but we have none.
While, yes, we have this disorder to live with, contend literally fight..
We are very fortunate.
In the past week I've read of four Chiarians losing their battle.
All said, "....from complications of the Chiari Malformation Type 1".
It's a sober reminder that while we laugh and joke about our zippers. constricted craniums or big brains (hope you don't mind, Dave)..our bodies, our minds, our total beings are in an all out war.

So as I sit here, looking at all of the things I need to be doing..with my head pounding..and almost crying because I am so tired of the rollercoaster...
I'm carving out a grateful notch in my spirit.
Thank you, Lord for allowing me to continue to fight and
Please keep reminding me when I'm frustrated, like right now,
that there is a method to the madness..You have a purpose and I
am blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Michele you have came so far...brain surg PLUS planning a wedding... I give you props on are so strong... all I can say is YOU GO GIRL!!! ..:-)