Friday, April 26, 2013

From Traveling to the Torture Table...More of the Chiari Tale

Today is another bad Chiari day.
I had PT..and it was no fun.
I'm tired of feeling like a bobble-head.
I'm tired of being tired of feeling like a bobble-head.
I'm tired of valium and norco.
I'm ready to be doing something besides giving constant updates on my brain, my head, my neck and my upper shoulders.
Today, I even had dizziness and trouble speaking again.
Is there an end to this?
Do I just do my best to make peace with my life being like this?
Am I EVER going back to work?

Now, I love my neurosurgeon..however, he GREATLY underestimated my time off work. 4-6 weeks..
That's a pipe dream.
If any of you were off for only 4-6 are my hero and I want to know your secret.
I've been off work for 3, count 'em, 3 months.
My work is being good about it..but come on.
 Bob and I with Notre Dame Cathedral in the background, on our bridge over the Seine.

I know, I just got back from a week in Paris...which my doctor encouraged.
Then I get back and I've gone backwards in recovery.
I did too much.
I was in Paris, dude,...what did you think I would do?
I walked around the beautiful city, stopped when I was plenty of rest.
We flew first very comfy on the plane.
I carried no luggage.
What do you want from me?

Now, I'm in bed..10 mg Valium + Norco 5mg + Ibuprofen 800mg..My head is fully supported..and I'm miserable. Every muscle in my head throbs. My neck aches. My shoulders ache..and I'm constantly tense.

I'm no fun for anyone..and I just want to cry...cry...cry.
So, if you are reading this to feel better...stop...this isn't the day. I've got nothing good to say.
My positive attitude may return in the morning..but not today.
My Constricted Cranium is getting the best of me...and I can't will it to stop. 
I cringe when I think of more PT on Tuesday..the potential of accupuncture that day..and maybe starting with a TENS unit....and the certainty of spending time on the torture table.

Me on the torture table.

I'd love it if you would share some of your recovery woes.
I know we try to be positive and supportive.
Right now..misery needs company.

Tell me...What is your recovery like?

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