Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dry Needling...Wow!

So..I had an emergency PT visit yesterday.
Isn't that crazy..?
My neck and shoulders were so knotted up, and I was in so much pain, I had to call Neil.
He offered electrotherapy and heat over the phone, however, when I got there, he had talked with Dr. H and got clearance to do dry needle therapy. 
It feels like this..
If you've had acupuncture, you know what "the tap" feels like.. if not, it's like a tiny needle prick into your skin, not too painful..but not fun.

SOoo..with dry needling..the needler (Neil), squeezes the muscle around the spasm to locate the exact pressure point, taps the needle in..then moves the needle in a round motion. The muscles jumps and spasms and it honestly feels like there is a crow bar in that pressure point. Neil and one of his henchmen are holding my shoulders and arms down..and I, of course, am crying.

However, when the torture is over..he sends me to "the table" for
heat and electro-stimulation.
For the first time in about 6 months...during that brief walk to the table..my shoulders and neck are completely relaxed...NO SPASM.  yes, the surface hurt from the needles..but no spasms..
And they didn't return for several hours.
So the plan is to go through this torture enough times, hitting enough trigger points to permanently release the spasms. 
Last night, I was in a moderate amount of pain..which lasted through the night and into the morning.
This morning, for the first time, I applied Plexus' Fast Relief Cream and got instant muscle pain relief.  Very encouraging.  Now the surface is still sore to the touch and I'm bruised and swollen..
but I finally feel like I can lick this thing and get back to a normal life...FINALLY!!!

SO today..I go at 11:00 for more dry needling and the table...and the painful touching.
And I must say, though I know it will be a few hours of pain..I'm looking forward to it.
I finally feel like I have hope to get back to normal life.
And I'm so darned ready for it!


  1. Hi Michele...I'm glad to see you're blogging more. Your last 2 posts made me realize I'm not crazy and that maybe there is hope around the corner. For the last few weeks my legs have been killing me to the that point sitting and standing for too long become so painful I actually end up close to tears. At first the neurosurgeon thought it was a hamstring problem, then maybe a pinched nerve in my neck due to swelling from a possible leak in my patch. Whatever it is I am finally going to find a PT thanks to your blog. Of course I was told to go to PT when I left the hospital but I kept putting it off. Thanks again for your blog posts!

  2. Dave..
    Good morning, and thanks for your comment. I was very disappointed that my NS didn't follow me through rehab..and feel very fortunate that my primary care dr..the one who diagnosed me, has followed me. You've GOT to get a pt guy (or girl) that knows about Chiari..all this time and I'm still not doing any strengthening exercises. Ask about craniosacral therapy..if they can't do it..they aren't for you. And..THANK YOU..you saying you realize you aren't crazy makes me feel less crazy..:-) Thank you for your blog and your participation in mine!

  3. Hi Michele...I finally got an appointment with a PT, thanks for the advice on getting one that knows about craniosacral therapy. I got see him tomorrow. Also heading back to NS tomorrow because the swelling is getting worse, keeping fingers crossed that it's just part of the recovery process.

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