Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sugar Detox: Day 8

One week down. Two to go.  Don't I look happy?

I'm trying to make every decision about food, exercise, business, life, relationships...well, every
decision about everything- very personal and purposeful.

I had no joiners in the detox... NONE! Apparently, it's too difficult to give up sugar, soy, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and dairy all at once.-- NO KIDDING!!!  So, I had to decide just how badly I wanted to detoxify my body... and I truly want to.  Paraphrasing Rose Cole (and I'm sure doing a poor job of it.. my apologies, Rose), she says that not being able to control my diet is like telling God I've got all I can handle and can't handle any more...any more success, any more responsibility, any more of anything. When I look at this detox, and my life through the lens Rose presents... Well,  It makes every decision much more important. Each conversation more meaningful.

My truest desire is to impact the world.  How can I impact the world if I'm unable to impact my own health?  I mean  I do what I can do for my health.  Eat the right foods. Move my body.  I know, I know.. we are zipperheads. We have holes in our skulls, most of us have loose joints due to Ehlers-Danlos and many of us have cranio-cervical Instability....but we can move.  Maybe not jump... (Okay, definitely not jump)...and running is taboo... but we can move.  Those of us that can walk.. well, we CAN walk.. and we should.. or ride a bike.  Do yoga, pilates or floor work.  I've started doing simple exercises with cans of soup or veggies...EVERY movement helps.

So.. to sum up my week... It's been really smooth and easy.  Since brown rice is on the menu, that has been my staple.  I also made a beautiful soup from  some uber colorful gourmet carrots, cabbage and quinoa.  The ringing in my ears that had persisted for awhile now was gone after the first 24 hours.
All in all it's been really easy and I am rarely hungry.  I have to even remind myself to eat.  I drink lots of water...and the only real craving I have is for blueberries and oranges... but I'm muddling through.  Heck.. I'm almost halfway there!

This is the truth of it.   I really am ready for more.  More business, more travel, more of life.  My desires in this life, in this world...I choose to do what ever it takes to receive them.  No silly brain surgeries are going to hold me back. All they have done is give me enough extra grit to feel empowered enough to reach for the stars.

Do you have desires?  (Notice I don't say dreams...a mentor of mine once said, "little girls have dreams, women have desires") Do you want to move forward, beyond your current reality?

Are you not quite sure how to do it?  Well, my friend, neither was I...but I kept plugging away until I found my niche, my tribe, my calling.   What I know now is to act with intention and faith, take inspired action and the how will come.

So as small as it sounds, one of my inspired actions is a 21-day sugar detox.   Start small..but don't play small with yourself.  If you don't like your your life...change it.  It's your story..You can change your story.  The world is waiting for the special gift only you can contribute.

Wanna try a the detox.. click here for the one I am doing.  Add yourself to my mailing list for special offers and handouts...You'll be glad you did!

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