Thursday, January 1, 2015

And 2014 Goes Out With A Bang!

Guess what happened to me last night...
Wait- Let me rephrase that--  Guess what occurred.

I'm trying really hard to not take a victim mindset on things.  Nothing really just "happens" to me anymore.  My reaction determines my mindset.. my intention helps set the path before me..

So let me frame my day.. I had an eyelash appointment at 9 a.m.   I left home a few minutes late- only to get to the lash studio and find it had been broken in to.. so because of the broken glass--its FREEZING--- Yessinia, the lash guru, finds some blankets and I snuggle in for a relaxing hour of eyelash magic.. when BAM!!--
The table/bed/thing I'm laying on collapses.
I, of course, hit the floor.  I try to catch myself.. which leads to instant muscle spasms in my neck.
My first thought, "oh great, we have New Year's Eve plans-- I'll never be able to go out tonight!!!" 
My second thought, "I was supposed to wear a hat to this Mad Hatter NYE party-- no way a hat is going on this head tonight."
My third thought, "With an attitude like mine...I'm doomed. Stop it, change it, set the intention..and so it is." 

And so it was!  As I laid there for the hour getting my lashes all glam- I prayed and visualized. I repeated to myself.. I am healthy, nothing hurts, I am prosperous, I am capable. I am free of pain. All of the cells in my body are healthy and I WILL go ahead with my plans tonight.

And so it was!  I have to share this... Not only did I go to the party.. I stayed until after midnight (quite a feat at my age), wore my hat and even danced... YES-- you read right.. this girl right here, the one that  has trouble sitting for an hour without resting her head on something.. danced...--- to Salt N Pepa ...yep.. Now I know if you are visualizing that you are probably laughing..  (and let me say, I remember when this song came out and it was risqué the video seems almost laughable and Salt & Pepa are pretty modestly dressed--I thought I'd post it just for kicks)

The thing is... I was laughing, wearing a little pill box hat, wedge booties,  dancing with my best friend and husband...I felt NORMAL!

I felt as though I had really turned a corner... all I've been learning in my transformational coaching training about positive thought, conscious language, wealth consciousness.. all of it clicked into place-- and for the first time in a long time-- my body didn't dictate my day.

Now, I know you are thinking that's not such a big deal... because I do stay fairly active and work a couple of jobs.. but guess I'm so wowed because I truly grasped what a miraculous event has taken place.  I have been transformed literally by changing my thoughts and intentions.   I stopped wanting to get better and decided to be better.   Yes, my vision is still a wreck and my left foot--still numb.. and only three days ago I had three MRIs.. and I'm currently battling a pressure headache.  I guess my point is that it isn't ruling my world.  The health issue that took center stage for the past two years is no longer in charge.  Life is meant to be lived, not merely survived!

So what happened to me last night?  What occurred?   Nothing miraculous to many people.. but for me...I lived without reserve, danced, laughed. I felt lighter,  I felt happy, I felt victorious.

So let this be encouragement for you if you are not feeling well today, if you (like myself) sometimes have felt trapped in your body, if you just need someone to say.. "Don't give up.."  I'm saying it to you. Nights like last night are to be treasured.  ( I would love it if you would share some of your positive experiences in the comments section. )

Also.. to the right of this post you will now see a button you can click if you'd like to schedule a time to speak with me. I am launching my transformational coaching business this month and would love to schedule a time for us to talk and see if we are the right fit to work together.  I am currently scheduling complimentary discovery claim your spot!

Thank you for reading for the past two years...for being on this journey with me through diagnosis, surgery, a wedding, flying lessons, another surgery...loss, sadness, anger, joy--Every time I post I get encouraging feedback and that feedback has been the catalyst of change in my life.  So thank you for reading.. and HOLD ON an INCREDIBLE 2015!  I plan for this positivity, this thirst for life and laughter to be my #newnormal!

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