Friday, July 19, 2013

Become a Chiaritarian!

I'm becoming more disgruntled with a society that won't take their health into their own hands.
Why do we complain about doctors that don't listen, but take their little poisonous pills anyway?
Many People totally disregard nutrition in their quest for wellness.

I hate to admit I fell into this trap for a few months. I lived in despair and "Poor Me" mentality.
Thankfully, a month ago today, I took my life back.
I changed my way of eating and got back on Juice Plus+.
Within 2 weeks, I was sleeping all night.
Now, I've gone over 2 weeks with no dizziness.
I can feel my body healing itself.
No more mid-day naps.
I actually crave healthy foods. I crave green veggies and fruits.

Juice Plus+ has made all the difference. I even became a distributor. I want everyone I know to take it, to thrive. Backed by 31 research studies over the past 20 years, Juice Plus+ sets the standard on nutrition and is proven to reduce visits to the doctor. Any company that will allow children to take it's product for free deserves a second look.

Why did I become a distributor? Because I believe it works. I believe as Chiarians we have so many things working against us, we have to fight back with all we can. When I take my capsules or  chewies, I am fighting back...and I am winning.  AND-I'm making money doing it.  Just this week I've earned a nice bonus, and have another looming in the near future.

I think of all of the people I know and I become crazed. People with diabetes, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, children with autism..I wish I could afford to pay for Juice Plus+ for everyone.  My advice, figure it in to your grocery budget..It IS whole foods. 17 servings of fruits, veggies and grains in 2 capsules twice a day. Make a choice. Choose a better life, choose fewer doctor visits, choose to read the research, choose to live life to the Plus+. Become a Chiaritarian and feed your body a healthy food prescription every day! I'm doing it and feeling great!


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