Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1/2 ZIPPERVERSARY Reflections

Yesterday marked 6 mths since my Chiari Decompression. 
Wow! --What  a Journey!
What have I learned? 

I've learned that patience is vital in recovery, patience with yourself, patience with others. 
I've learned that for every person that supports you..two will let you down. 
I've learned that people are afraid of you when you have an illness. 
I've learned that total strangers will show you kindnesses that the closest friends will not. 
I've learned to accept disappointments and grow from them. 
I've learned to truly forgive myself. 
I've learned to truly forgive others. 
I've learned that it's okay to have a limited life in some areas, because it causes you to live an unlimited life in other ways. 
I've learned to face fears with faith and resolve. 
I've learned that hair really does cover the scar...but the scar never leaves any part of your being. 
I've learned that being truly loved, regardless of flaw, blemish or illness IS possible. 
I've learned to get second, third and fourth opinions and to not feel guilty for being my own advocate or for challenging an ALMIGHTY doctor. 
I've learned that there truly are physicians that care. 
I've learned that there truly are physicians that could care less. 
I've learned I am in control of my health and well being, where at one time I felt Chiari was totally in control. 
I've learned to push all the research  into a pile, dive in and pull out what applies to me and to be comfortable with it, regardless of criticism or opinions of others.
I've learned that if I spend too much time thinking and talking about my symptoms I have more of them. 
I've learned that I can treat my body with proper nutrients. 
I've learned that I don't want to be a slave to medications, doctor visits or PT sessions. 
I've learned dry needling is VERY painful, yet VERY beneficial. 
I've learned that some of my best inspiration and support has come from people I've never met face to face..but whom I will never forget. 

I've learned a lot in the past 6 months. 
Thank you for supporting me through it. 
I got married to my best friend during this time.
I've  developed more of a love for writing, I've been taking flying lessons, I've authored three blogs and am almost finished with a book about Chiari. 
I've looked for alternative income and gotten involved with a great company, Juice Plus, that has changed my recovery and has given me a vehicle to help my friends, family and fellow Chiarians.
And offers me unlimited income potential, something I probably would not have done otherwise.

For me, this past 6 months, though sometimes horrible and painful..
Has been a gift. 
I am blessed, forever changed
and excited about what my future holds. 

Happy 1/2 Zipperversary to Me! 

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  1. Happy 1/2 Zipperversary a few days late! I just got back from vacation so now I'm in the process of catching up. I've been neglecting my blog so hopefully I can get back to it this week. What is dry needling and what did it help?