Friday, April 25, 2014

Photos From Brain Surgery #2

I would like to say I'm pleased with this incision but it's just as barbaric looking as the first one.   The pain has been ridiculous most days. The first five or six days were constant facial pain, eye pain and what I call brain spasms. - an intense squeezing in my head thought to be related to low CSF - untouched by pain meds.  Because of surgery being in the sitting position, my face has felt like each bone was broken. Even moving my eyes from side to side was excruciating.  That has calmed down quite a bit.  My entire head is very tender still but each day shows marked improvement. 
Apparently, some type of clam was used on my neck. The brown on here isn't dirt. It's actually bruising from the head holder. 
Also- a Mayfield fixator  was used which means 3 tack like things where positioned and tacked into my skull to hold it still. These spots are just inside my hairline near my temples and one in the middle.  They are very swollen and painful still , and today is day nine.

Obviously these pics loaded out of order. The bandaged pics are on Day 2 post op and the lovely in bandaged ones are Day 6 postop. 

I plan to post more tomorrow. 

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